StreetShimon Official Program Rules

By joining StreetShimon (the "Site"), you become a member of a national program that enables individuals to earn points and redeem them for rewards by completing tasks related to music events and bands. These Program Rules must be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of the Site and are subject to modification from time to time, without notice, at the sole discretion of the Site. Your continued participation in the program after such modification shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any such modification. It is your responsibility to check the Terms and Conditions and Program Rules sections of the Site regularly to determine whether the terms or rules have been modified. If you do not agree to any modification of the terms or rules, you must immediately cease participation in the program.

Any failure to comply, any fraud or abuse relating to the accrual or redemption of points, or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to the Site or its Affiliates by you, or anyone acting on your behalf, may result in the termination of your use of the program, cancellation of your account and/or forfeiture of your accrued points.

At present, Site membership is free, but we reserve the right to institute a charge at some point in the future. If we do add any fees, you will be given notice and have the opportunity to accept or decline the fees.

You must be 18 years of age or older and a U.S. citizen to become a member. No individual is permitted to have more than one single account at any time. Membership is permitted for individuals only. No organization, institution or other association may become a member. Accounts may be registered only by the individual seeking membership. Registration of accounts in a name other than the registrant's, fictitious or real, is expressly prohibited. Such use constitutes fraud and may give rise to criminal prosecution and substantial damages. All work submitted through an individual's account must be the sole work of that individual; no sharing of photos or work of any kind is permitted. If an individual is deemed to be copying or sharing work submitted with another user, this qualifies as fraud under the site rules, and all points associated with the fraudulent action(s) will be forfeited, and all associated user accounts may be terminated.

StreetShimon Account: Account registration is available through the "Connect with Facebook" button on the home page. There is no obligation that you use Facebook for any purpose other than to register an account on the Site.

The purpose of this Site is to market music-affiliated organizations. Due to the nature of music marketing, opportunities for members to earn points is likely to vary based upon the geographic location of the member. The Site does not consider geographic distribution issues when it distributes potential point-earning actions, but rather focuses solely on the number of potential target marketing opportunities in each geographic location based upon the Site Administrator's marketing knowledge. By participating in this Site, you affirm that you understand that not every member in every geographic location will have the same opportunities to earn points and, in turn, earn rewards through the Site.

Online Actions may be specific to each geographic location the action is targeting. Members may not complete online actions in areas other than those surrounding the member's home address, or areas the member may be traveling to. If a member is deemed by the Site Administrators to be submitting online actions for geographic locations other that the ones outlined above, their account may be cancelled with All decisions regarding the fair use of geographically distributed online actions are final, and at sole discretion of the Site's Administrators.

Upon joining StreetShimon, each member's Facebook account e-mail address and name represents your status to other members on the Site. Members sign up for concerts, events, and bands that you want to promote. Once signed up, members can access information about activity opportunities within promotional campaigns for each event, concert, and band such as flyering a show or bar, postering an area in your town, posting messages on message boards, posting to your Facebook page, and more. Members choose promotional activities you wish to complete and receive instructions for each activity. Activities may require proof of completion, such as taking and uploading photos of activities and describing your work. All activities and actions must be completed according to applicable local and city ordinances and regulations. Prior to commencing StreetShimon activities and actions in an area, it is the member's responsibility to check local and city ordinances and regulations, which can be found online or by contacting the local and city governments.

Promotional Actions : Promotional activities are assigned "point" values. Point values vary depending on the type of activity and may be increased or decreased at any time. The point value of an activity is the maximum amount of points a member can receive for completing that activity. By following the instructions provided for each activity, you may earn points for each one you accurately complete. Members are not guaranteed the awarding of points simply by attempting to perform an activity. Rather, before points are awarded, members must accurately complete activities and provide proof of accurate completion of those activities according to the instructions provided.

Moreover, completing an activity does not guarantee that maximum available points will be provided. First, the activity must be completed by the deadline set in the instructions. An activity will disappear once the activity's completion deadline has passed. Some activities may be reinstated from the History section, but will be worth only half of the total possible points. Second, the awarding of points depends on the degree of completion of the activity, such that if a member accurately completes some but not all of your selected activities, you may receive some but not all of the points associated with those activities. If a member is not awarded some or all of the points you expected to earn after performing activities, the Site may provide a written explanation of its decision regarding the awarding of points. The awarding of points is in the sole discretion of the Site. Any challenges to decisions regarding the awarding of points must be submitted in writing via the Site's Contact Form, with the subject line "Points," and will be responded to within 14 days in writing. The Site's decisions regarding challenges to the awarding of points are final.

Points and the Leaderboard : As you earn and accrue points, your points are automatically calculated for you. However, you are responsible for confirming that any points you earn are properly credited to your account. Members whose point earnings place them in the top set of earners for an event or concert will appear on that concert or event's "Leaderboard." The number of point earners who can be on the Leaderboard for a given event is set forth in each band/event description on the "My Events", "My Bands" or "See All Events" or "See All Bands" pages of the Site. The starting and closing dates and times for every promotional campaign are also set forth on the "My Events" and "My Bands" pages of the Site. The Site reserves the right to edit or change the campaign end or start date at sole Site discretion, regardless of consequences to members. Each campaign has a set threshold, or minimum number of points a member must earn to qualify for a LeaderBoard Prize. Campaign thresholds may be increased or decreased at any time, at the sole discretion of the site, regardless of individual member consequences. In order to earn a LeaderBoard prize, members must surpass the set point threshold for that campaign as well as retain a top LeaderBoard position at the official close of the campaign, details on deadlines set in each Campaign.

The Leaderboard is constantly updated while an event's promotional campaign is active and open. At the closing of an event's promotional campaign, the Leaderboard for that event closes. Once the Leaderboard closes, the top point earners associated with that event will receive a ticket to the event in exchange for all of their "Leaderboard" points. In the event of a tie for the last Leaderboard position, the last-place holder member with the most recently turned-in action will be awarded the ticket.

For events that may have assigned sections and/or seating, the Site makes no guarantee regarding the location of the ticket or the relative desirability of one ticket compared with another ticket. Additionally, the top ten point earners for an Event retain a percentage of their campaign points as bonus regular points, which remain visible in their points account. The bonus percentages assigned to each Leaderboard position are shown on the Leaderboard.

Rewards : All Rewards are Non-Transferable and non-refundable once the item has been shipped. Rewards may not be sold. Any attempt by a member of the Site to represent a StreetShimon Reward or Prize as an item for sale will result in the member's disqualification from receiving the Reward, and all points associated with such Reward shall be forfeited. Repeat offenders may be disqualified from further participation in the SIte. When a guest list is utilized by the Band or Event associated with the Reward, the Site makes no claims as to the security or quality of the guest-listing procedure. The Site Administrators will hand over a list of qualified names to the Band/Event, and at that point the responsibility of obtaining the actual ticket or entrance to the event resides with the member. If a qualified member does not receive entrance to the festival or show, the member must use the Site's contact form to file a claim. All claims will be investigated for validity - misrepresenting will not be tolerated and a member's account may be cancelled if a member is deemed to have misrepresented a claim. If a claim is found valid by the Site's Administrator, all points associated with that Reward will be returned to the claimant in the form of Reward Points that can be utilized in the Online Store. All claim decisions are final. No cash will ever be exchanged as a refund for tickets purchased. It is strongly encouraged that members print out a receipt of the Online Store transaction or email confirmation to bring as evidence to the guest list area at the concert or event.

Reward Points are the currency of the Site. No cash or other monetary units are ever exchanged. Points are non-transferable. The bonus Reward Points of the top ten point earners of an event, and the Reward Points of members who do not finish in the top earning set of an event, can be redeemed (or accrued over time and redeemed later) to "purchase" items in the StreetShimon Online Store. Points earned after the closing time for an event are redeemable in the store. In addition, members have the option to exchange Leaderboard Points for Reward Points prior to the closing of a campaign, if they wish, by sending a written request via the Site's Contact Form, with the subject line "Points." Points may be exchanged on an all-or-none basis, and at the sole discretion of the Site's Administrator. By exchanging Leaderboard Points for Reward Points, the member's standing on the Leaderboard adjusts accordingly, but the member remains eligible to earn additional Leaderboard Points to compete on the Leaderboard until the campaign closes.

Items in the store are not prizes, are not free, and are not gifted or otherwise selected by the staff of StreetShimon. Items include festival tickets, festival merchandise, concert tickets, band merchandise, discounted festival tickets, festival sponsorship items, and more. Members are responsible for any taxes owed on any items purchased in the store. At any given time, no item in the store, nor any aggregate of items in the store, equals or exceeds a value of $5,000.

Members can access the store at any time and redeem points for items at any time on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, the store's inventory constantly fluctuates and no item is guaranteed to be available. StreetShimon does not warranty and makes no representations regarding any items in the Store, nor does it promote or associate with third parties whose items may be available in the store, unless otherwise indicated.

It is the member's responsibility to ensure their correct address is in their user profile settings at the time of purchase. Any items shipped to the address provided by the member in the member's user profile settings will not be eligible for a refund due to lost package, improper address information from member, or damaged package.

Points do not expire, but an account may be deemed "dormant" when no promotional activities have been undertaken within any 18-month period. Dormant accounts may be closed and any accumulated points forfeited without compensation to the account holder.

Members indemnify Site for any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of Members' actions taken in violation of any third party's private property rights. Members agree that (1) any and all disputes, claims, and causes of action arising out of or connected with the Site, or any rewards, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action; (2) any and all claims, judgments and awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred, but in no event attorneys' fees; and (3) under no circumstances will any member be permitted to obtain any award for, and all members hereby waive all rights to claim punitive, incidental or consequential damages and/or any other damages, other than for actual out-of-pocket expenses, and any and all rights to have damages multiplied or otherwise increased.

By joining the Site, a member's name, address, and e-mail address may be used by the Site for marketing or promotional purposes as described in our Privacy Policy (below). Members release the Site, any promotional sponsors, and each of their respective parent companies, affiliated companies, directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents from any liability whatsoever for any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Site or with the acceptance, possession, or use of any reward (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses and damages related to personal injuries, death, damage to, loss or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation, or portrayal in a false light).

Campaign Cancellation and Terms
If for any reason, a promotional campaign is not capable of running as planned, including contract cancellation, concert/event cancellation, infection by computer virus, tampering, fraud, technical failure, or any other cause which corrupts or threatens the administration, security or integrity of the Site, the Site reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or suspend a campaign or any portion of a campaign. Any attempt to damage or undermine the fair and legitimate operation of this Site will result in disqualification from the Site. The Site is not responsible for incomplete, lost, late, or illegible information submitted by members due to transmission failures or technical failures of any kind, including, without limitation, malfunctioning of any telephone or other network, hardware or software, whether originating with member, the Site or third party. The Site is not responsible for any events beyond its control (acts of God, etc.). In the event that a campaign is cancelled, members will be allowed to keep all of their accrued points for that specific campaign, but the Leaderboard Rewards as well as any of that campaign's specific Rewards in the Online Store will be removed and cancelled. Points accrued may be used to purchase other items in the Online Store.

Site does not review all communications made by members on or through online forums, such as Facebook. Members are responsible to review third parties' terms of use and policies. Site is in no way responsible for the legal consequences if you post any material that is illegal, threatening, sexually explicit, pornographic, obscene, infringing on intellectual property rights, injurious to third parties, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable, or in any way violates another website's policies or terms of use.

Site reserves the right to terminate the program at any time without notice. In the event of program termination, Site members will not be entitled to any compensation for outstanding points.

This Site and the associated program are to be used for non-competitive purposes only. Use of the Site or associated program by competing businesses, affiliates, employees, or other associates is absolutely prohibited and constitutes a breach of this contract, giving rise to substantial damages.

Privacy Policy

Voluntary Information Submission : StreetShimon only accesses personal information voluntarily submitted by the member. Members have the option of opting out of newsletters as well as other contact forms at any time. Personaly identifying member information is NEVER shared or sold to any unaffiliated third-party organization, but may be shared with clients (the Band or Event).

Cookies : A cookie is a data file that certain Web sites write to your computer's hard drive when you visit such sites. A cookie file can contain information, such as a user identification code, that the site uses to track the pages you have visited. StreetShimon uses cookies to authenticate a user session and to track user traffic patterns throughout the Web site. Most Web site browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser settings to display a warning before accepting a cookie, or to refuse all cookies. However, if you choose to disable the receipt of cookies from our Web site, you will not be able to use the site.

Use of Information : We collect member information as a form of contact and to gauge the geographic locations of members. We utilize email and phone as primary contact options. Many of the Site's Features, such as the Action Feed, utilize member information to provide relevant content to the member.

In order to net new clients, we utilize aggregated, non-identifying information such as geographic distribution and information specific to actions submitted to assist our advertisers and sponsors to better understand our audience.

StreetShimon may also disclose information about our users when we believe, in good faith, that the disclosure is required by law. When you are in an area of StreetShimon and are asked for personal information, you are sharing that information with StreetShimon as well as StreetShimon affiliated parties, such as business partners, clients and any vendors providing services to StreetShimon. If you do not want your information to be shared with such affiliated parties, you can choose not to allow the transfer of your information by not using StreetShimon makes no claims as to the possibility of cookies utilized by, or the privacy policies of, any affiliated party or business partner.

In addition, information provided by members as part of an action or advertiser promotion online may be provided directly to advertisers or clients. Information provided to clients amy include full contact information, but this information will only be shared with the Band or Event you have opted to promote. Personally identifying information will never be shared with an advertiser, but information such as group performance may be shared.

Kids under 13 : Do not send any information about yourself to us - including information such as your name, address, or e-mail address. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 13. In the event that we learn we have collected any personal information from a child under the age of 13 without verification of parental consent, we will delete that information from our database as quickly as possible.

IP address: Every computer connected to the Internet has a numeric address called an "IP address." This may or may not correspond uniquely to a particular computer. In some cases, IP addresses can be resolved to domain names, which may indicate a site visitor's Internet service provider, employer, university, etc. As part of its database analysis StreetShimon resolves IP addresses to domain names.

Browser type: A member's browser is a software program running on a computer that allows members to access documents on the World Wide Web. Browsers can be either text or graphic. They read HTML coded pages that reside on a server and interpret the coding into what the user sees as Web pages. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are examples of Web browsers. Browser type typically discloses hardware platform, operating system, and browser software and version.

Referrer: The referrer is the URI of the Internet resource or page that causes a browser to request a page or image from StreetShimon's servers.


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